EU’s Development Aid: bargaining chip to control African immigration

• This analysis report has been published in The Outsider magazine. The migration policy of the EU has focused on security border control and prevention of immigration arrivals throughout the recent years. At the peak of immigration, in Spain’s Canary Islands in 2006, the EU’s efforts in reducing migrant arrivals set a precedent for immigration…

Quinoa Save the Ethiopians?

Promising alternative to traditional foods could be a first step to end decades of domino-like disasters, where drought leads to famine, environmental damage, conflict and displacement of millions of people.

Two Rocket Men flying to space full of nuclear dynamite

The president of United States, Donald Trump, is unpredictable and difficult to understand even to those who work with him. Last week, the president made the most recent step in the nuclear weapon race that, in last year, has spiraled out of control. On February 2nd, the Trump administration submitted the new US nuclear policy, called…

Aarhus ø, the port of Aarhus city

Aarhus is the 2nd-largest city in Denmark, founded on the northern shores of the Kattegat sea. There, the government is working to transform the harbour area into a more pleasing neighbourhood with fantastic examples of modern architecture.