Dilemmas and challenges regarding the EU position to the ISIS Women and Minors remaining in Syrian camps


The fall of the Islamic State in 2019 represented the success of the international coalition that had joined forces to defeat the terrorist group. Currently, European governments face the dilemma of deciding what to do with women and minors affiliated with ISIS who remain in Syrian camps and demand their repatriation. The most common position is inaction. Within the camps, they are exposed to re-radicalisation and psychological trauma that, in the long run, can pose a more significant threat to global security. Other more favourable options would include repatriation, rehabilitation, or being brought before a court.

This essay was published in the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies.

Click here to read it in Spanish and here in English.

Citation: LÓPEZ GONZÁLEZ, Marisa. El dilema de los Estados miembros de la UE con las mujeres y menores del Dáesh en campos sirios. Documento de Opinión IEEE 101/2021.

Picture source: UNICEF/UN0277723/Souleiman

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