Located in the centre of the Balkan region, Kosovo still struggles with its identity as it teeters on the edge of becoming a sovereign state. This year marks a decade since Kosovo separated from Serbia however, 36 countries have not recognised this declared independence including Serbia, Russia and China. Kosovo faces many challenges regarding press freedom, youth unemployment, women’s rights and Islamic radicalization. Tensions still exist between Albanian-Kosovars and Serbian minority groups, which has resulted in the destruction of Serbian heritage sites. If stability is the destination this young nation still has a long way to travel.

For three weeks on April 2018, I was reporting within the country for the version Euroviews Magazine 2018 called On The Edge.  Check out my stories:

  1. Kosovar Youth Waiting to Take the Power. But They need Jobs
  2. Vladimir Milic: memories of a childhood between bombs and violence
  3. Press freedom in Kosovo, a post-war country
  4. Milorad Trifunovic, 20 years pursuing the truth after the kidnapping of his brother

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