Two Rocket Men flying to space full of nuclear dynamite

Donald Trump is laughing hard while he is leaning back on the presidential chair in the Oval Office. “´The Little Rocket Man.´ People around the world will laugh a lot at such an amazing nickname for that short and fat North-Korean dictator. Kim Jong Un does not know with whom he is trying to fight….

Aarhus ø, the port of Aarhus city

Aarhus is the 2nd-largest city in Denmark, founded on the northern shores of the Kattegat sea. There, the government is working to transform the harbour area into a more pleasing neighbourhood with fantastic examples of modern architecture.

Human Trafficking in the EU: “Nobody is guaranteed safety”

Puedes leer su versión en español publicada en Diario16 aquí.  Irina Todorova, the EU Specialist in the field of counter-trafficking for International Organization for Migration (OIM), alerts that nobody is guaranteed to not become a victim of trafficking of human beings in the European Union.  “Freedom is the possibility of being and not the obligation…

Third Culture Kids

✖️ Can you imagine identifying equally with two or more countries cultures? 🇹🇷🇩🇪🇺🇿 Can you imagine that where you feel most at home is not limited to just one place? 🌍

Second-class nationalities. Beyond the failure of the European Refugees Commitment

Puedes leer la versión en español publicada en Diario16 aquí. Publish in Euroscope After a long, dangerous and expensive trip, asylum seekers bump into the last border: legal requirements. The European Refugees Commitment – through which the European States assumed the obligation of taking a different share of people from Italy and Greece and third countries…

What role does the European Union play in the Catalonia independence process?

When asked if they would vote yes for Catalonian independence Marta Martín and Aina Hernández, 22-year-old students, do not hesitate in answering: “Yes, I would”. They are part of the estimated 50 percent of Catalans that want independence from the Spanish State, according to recent opinion polls. However, Catalonian independence comes with the possible consequence of giving up EU…